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my layout paper and new copic marker arrived today (it was a present by my sis) so I’ve tried out. I drew Zedd but I kinda failed cuz’ it didn’t look like him as all. I really love the colors but I don’t like it that Zedd doesn’t looks like Zedd >.< #fanart #art #copicmarker #copic #zedd #antonzaslavski #Manga

after all these years i’ve touchy copics again. oh my god why did i spend all my money for these markers again?
i can’t work with them so i need to practise :o

my secound try with copic marker after i didn’t touch them for years. now i know the reason. i kinda failed.


i draw myself as SNK Character as practise. I’m pretty proud of it (especially the hair. I love it how I colored the hair)



Now you’re 24, I hope you’ll have a nice birthday.
And don’t forget your Fans loves you <3

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Happy Birthday Porter Robinson <3
He is now an adult. He is growing so fast ):

(sorry for the colurs ): it looks a little bit weird… i know)